The download link doesn't work?
If the download link doesn't work please notify me! and I will look into it!Sometimes it's because it has been deleted so there's nothing I can do about it. If that's the case then I will either try looking for a new one or take it down!:D

What section do I notify if links/downloads don't work? 

You notify me on the page where it doesn't work I will try fixing it! (None of the mangs/manhwas belong to me I find them and sometimes translate them I'm a loner LOL!)

Problems with comments!
Retry or refresh sometimes it's your browsers problem :D

Why is everything TAGS!?
Because tags are like money they make the world organized and go round

May I use your links?
You cannot use the mediafire/zip files directly IT MUST LINK TO MY BLOG ;D basically, if its Sugar Soldier you can only use this link

You didn't answer my questions!?
Well if I didn't answer your questions ASK AWAY BELOW ^-^ or if private contact me 

I need to contact you...
 Contact me here


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