~Hello Everyone this is Announcements!!~

So here are the following things(UPDATED 09/13/2015):

1) Sugar Soldier (will work on it someday...yes I know it sounds bad...I'll just continue on one chapter ahead of the currently translated one)

2)GOOGLE BADGE YAY! UPDATE and YAY! Music Player is back ;P

3)Started using Mediafire-

In other words, every single file 
will be .zip/rar now. If something goes wrong please contact me and BE SPECIFIC about the broken link 

-Don't worry I always have backup on my PC (just in case PC is being a jerk just like NOW I have USB)-

4) New Contact form---> Contact me here

5)Request page gone b/c I want to focus on school :( 

6) Kind of want to translate Gu Fang Bu Zi Zhang .... someday maybe for now this website and everything is on hold.. :/ 

7) Removed all manhuas,mangas, and manhwas except for the ones I will/have translated or written summaries for...

8)Removed Contact page (temporarily) because website has been/is still on hold.